Happy New Year! Back to the grind.

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a very nice holiday season. I just got back from a trip to northern California to visit my husband’s family in Lincoln, spend a day in my hometown of Walnut Creek/Danville and spend NYE in awesome San Francisco. It was all very fun and fattening, but now I’m back to work working out, making and displaying art and training my monster of a pup, Dexter.

The San Diego Haynie Family

While I was away enjoying deep fried turkey and homemade caramel corn, I was contacted by the Tap Room in Pacific Beach and asked to take part in their event called “Local Art and Beer” or “L.A.B.” for short. I agreed to come in and set up my work the day after I got back from my trip. I know I didn’t have a lot of time to promote or even prepare for the event so it is not surprising that a lot of my friends didn’t know about it. Either way, it took place on January 4th, but my art will actually be on display until the 1st of February. Anyone who is in PB should go check it out! Despite my frustration with the event itself, the art looks awesome in the space.

Tap Room

Here’s how it went:
I showed up at the location with over 50 paintings and prints ready to nail them into the wall all day. Turns out, the person who I had been talking with was not there. He also didn’t mention that they had some special hanging contraption things that I was going to be working with instead of nailing into a wall. Go figure. So I stood there dumbfounded and a little confused. There were a couple of people who were helpful, but I was annoyed that this guy didn’t bother to give me all of the required information or even be there to help. I am 5 feet tall and not the strongest tiny person out there. When I looked at the 12 foot walls that I was expected to somehow hang stuff from and did my best to envision something other than falling to my death from a ladder that no one even bothered to hold. I didn’t want to further interrupt the people who were clearly working and after seeing me climb up and down this ladder for an hour, a customer came and held it for me when had a few pieces left. After 3 hours, I managed to hang almost everything and the delicious fumes of pizza and beer made it all that much harder not to want to hang myself. I was tired and starving, but alas, I am on a diet. I miss vacation.

Tap Room

Tap Room

Finally after finishing up all of the set-up, the guy showed up and asked me if i needed any help. I almost vomited. I asked him a few questions about what I should expect from the event and if I should bring prints and other things to sell. He awkwardly said that he would set me up at the two tables in the back so that I could show my hair clips, greeting cards and portfolio books. I was excited to finally have my own showcase and event at a real restaurant/bar! I packed up and left at 5pm and planned to come back around 8, which is when the DJ was expected to be set up and the event was supposed to begin. I went home, showered, had dinner and a drink and set out to the bar with my husband and our friend Cameron.

Upon entering the bar, IT WAS PACKED! and then I realized that there was a football game on and everyone was wearing orange and intently watching their team get slaughtered. There was a GIANT projector screen completely covering my art and about 15 people seated at the table that was supposed to be reserved for me. I went to go find that guy to ask him what the deal was, but again, he wasn’t even there. I became very frustrated and annoyed and told my friends that we should just go sit at the bar and wait until the game ends. At least the bar tender gave us 50% off of our tab for the night.

Eventually, the football game ended and the projector was raised. The DJ was just some kid with a laptop sitting at the bar and half of the people left. Finally, I found the owner who was young and apologetic. His brother was the guy who I had been “working” with. He basically told me that this L.A.B. event used to be a rockin’ party, but that it had become less successful over the past months due to a lack of promoting and some other blah blah causes. This made me feel awesome. He said that they shouldn’t have done the event on the night of this football game because they knew that it would go down something like this and blah blah blah. I was pretty pissed off because they made it seem like this was something other than me just hanging stuff in their bar (which is still awesome because it stays up for a month and they aren’t taking any commission and you should totally go see it :) ).

Tap Room Angle

The owner did offer to host another event for me in an attempt to “try again” and I said that I might be interested, but, I was drunk by that point and I doubt I ever hear from either of these guys again. Hopefully, when I go to take down my stuff, it will all be there unless there is some money waiting for me.

All disappointment aside, I am back to work on the website and painting for the next 2 weeks before I take off to Vancouver and Whistler for 10 days. I guess I can’t complain too much :) When I get back, I plan to really start working on some new collections and paintings for 2012 and I hope to keep putting my art up in new locations around San Diego every month and participating in as many events as I can find. I feel like I should say something else here, but apparently I am not as clever as I would like to be. bye!

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