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So, wordpress has decided to fail on me and my website is also experiencing some problems so I have decided to move my blog to tumblr. Here is my new blog:

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It’s a New Year, Can I Get an Amen?

I know, it’s been a while. So, what else is new?

I haven’t been super motivated to vent my realities on the interwebs. It’s cold now, for sure. I am not looking forward to closing at work tonight… So any way, lots of stuff has happened in the last few months, but nothing art related of course. I’m just so over it. I can’t seem to fake inspiration so I’m just not going to do any art until I fucking feel like it. I am however, hanging Shine Series at a hostel downtown. The event is called Hostel Takeover and is going on from 6:30pm-11pm on Jan. 20th.

I’m more excited for dinner at Katsuya afterward though.

Basically, I don’t feel like painting any pictures (physically or metaphorically) so I’ll just make a list of all of the things that I should probably elaborate on, but won’t.

1) I’m training for a 5K…and it’s terrible.

2) My new years resolution is to drink more…water.

3) I bought a bunch of new clothes because…I have been promoted to Hospitality Ambassador ;)

4) I am selfishly upset because my favorite couple decided to call it quits. My fantasy future has been destroyed.

5) Sometimes the truth really is the best answer.

6) I am in the soup making phase of my professional cooking book. I like soup. a lot.

7) Just finished reading “Brain on Fire”. What a trip.

8) I’m probably going to start taking pre-natal vitamins in May. Do with that what you will.

9) All artists are allowed to have a “block” of some sort.

10) I am no longer available on Tuesday evenings.

2013: New job, new clothes, new neighbors, new beginnings, new year. Can I get an amen?
By the way, I have pink hair now…

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Hot Skanktastic October Blues

Officially two months living in LA Mesa. It is now October, but the air conditioning is still on full blast. Usually I’m in a pretty good mood, but this post is not a good mood post. Lately my life has been filled with useless life pondering, Halloween decorations, baking pumpkin pie, disturbing realities, reading “Gone Girl” (an awesome, yet unsettling book that has made me really appreciate my marriage), feeling sorry for myself about my failed art business/ other shortcomings and being frustrated with my minimum wage job.

Just had an epic Halloween party this past weekend called the “Super Skanktastic Halloween Soiree”.

Me and Kaitlin all dress up

Even though we had about 50 people and the cops never came, we probably won’t be doing that again for a while. Parties and partying in general are beginning to really stress me out. I’m going to try to just take it easy more often.

Pumpkin Pie Shots!

I know, I’ve been saying that for years, you don’t have to call out my bullshit. Hopefully I will be going to SF in a few days to go and “hang out” with my good friends Nick and Jackie for Halloween part 2, or the real Halloween, however you want to look at it. I just have to wait and see what my work schedule is like.

Dexter the Lil’ Monster

Stoked on the possibility of that though for sure, mostly because everything else seems bleak at the moment. And I’m ready for some cold weather for fuck sake.

1920′s Cigarette Girl and the Lil’ Monster

I’m a little annoyed with work right now for a few reasons so first I’m going to do a little work venty vent. The number one thing that is bugging me is that I was told I was going to be a “certified trainer” which apparently means that I will have the chance to train the new employees at the new location(s). They told me this over a month ago and I haven’t heard anything about it since. I was supposed to be making extra money and all of this great stuff to show me that they appreciated all of my hard work. Then I find out that one of my co-workers has been asked to go to a different location and do the training for two weeks. I’ve asked since then about what the deal is and the managers couldn’t tell me anything. I’m starting to feel like this is never going to happen and that I am just being told about this “promotion” to make me feel like I’m getting somewhere when in reality I’m not. Wouldn’t be the first time a company used that strategy. Since I suspect that I will probably never move up in the company the way that I would like, I’m starting to strategize a new life plan. I’ll probably end up sticking around where I am until I’ve been there for at least a year (which would be April) and then I’ll figure out what I want to do from there. I like the people I work with (most of them), but the job itself is starting to get boring. There isn’t really any challenge and I feel like I’m being left out of the loop. I don’t get as many shifts as some of the other girls, and I only get planning shifts once a week (which is the only shift that doesn’t suck). We are not allowed to take our food to go, which is also bullshit. Another thing that has pissed me off is that I am on the marketing team and I was supposed to do a marketing event this past Monday. It was a tailgate for the Chargers and I was really looking forward to it. I got up, showered and started getting ready. The event was supposed to start at 2pm, so when I asked my manager what time I should be at the restaurant, he told me that he “didn’t know I was coming” and that he “was already leaving the restaurant”. He said that I was unneeded but that I could come if I wanted. He said I needed to be at the stadium at 12:30pm (in less than an hour) which was when the other girl (that he conveniently didn’t forget about…for reasons which I will keep to myself, but are probably obvious) was going to be there. Are you kidding me? It says right on the effing calender that I’m doing the event and it also says the times when we are going to be needed. Obviously this made me angry and I didn’t go. It wasn’t worth $50 for me to stand around and be ignored for 5 hours. I was mostly only annoyed about the fact that he really didn’t care or want me to come. He acted like a total dick and then the next day when I got to work, the other girl was like “Shana, where the hell were you yesterday? We got slammed!” So he didn’t even bother to tell her that he basically told me not to come. This is also the same manager that “accidentally” tried to screw me out of my tips a few months ago. When I asked him about it he basically acted like it wasn’t his problem so I had to ask several different managers to look into the situation and when no one did, I confronted him about the discrepancy. He told me that it was a mistake and that I would have to ask one of the other hostesses to give me their extra money. I called bullshit on that right as one of the other managers walked in (luckily). When I explained the situation, the other manager was pissed off and payed me out of his own pocket himself. This could just be my own insecurity speaking, but I have a hunch that this one manager doesn’t care about me because he can’t sleep with me due to the fact that I’m married, so why bother even giving a shit about me and my stupid feelings. Where I work is a cesspool of drama and gossip. I’m no stranger to feeling like the odd one out, but seriously, I thought high school was over. It’s times like these that I really do appreciate the fact that I am older than most of the staff. Even though I may not look or act my age, I have years of life experience on a few of these people and sometimes it really shows. I enjoy being able to know that in the back of my mind I don’t need to completely depend on my restaurant job for my livelihood (thank you Derric) and someday I might be one of those annoying spoiled married woman who open up cupcake shops for funzies and only take care of the decorations while leaving the hard stuff up to someone else. I am a bitch and it makes me feel better. So suck on that douchey manager.

Besides the party, things have been relatively uneventful. No new art endeavors, (although I do have a new dog painting)

Frenchie Painting – Acrylic 16×20

no progress at work (as detailed above), no new info on culinary school…don’t really even know why I’m writing this blog post… however, I do have a story about walking the dog a few weeks ago.

So, I was walking Dexter one day. It was hot and I was just minding my own business looking at my feet as I was walking and all of a sudden, this SUV pulls up literally right next to me. I look up and think “hmm that’s weird. This woman has a whole empty street of sidewalk to pull up next to and she picks to pull up RIGHT next to me…” and I just keep walking and try to ignore the fact that I know she’s there. She gets out of the car and looks my direction and says in an annoyed voice “so do you want to help me with him?” I am confused to say the least. Then I look across the street (like 3 yards away) and there is a struggling body sprawled out on the hot ground in the gutter. Instantly I feel very uncomfortable about the fact that I was completely and utterly oblivious to this flailing person no more than 10 feet away from me. This creepy old man has clearly fallen out of his wheelchair and is in dire need of some assistance. His prescription pill bottles are everywhere and Dexter is going crazy. I just kind of stood there looking shocked. I crossed the street, the dog pulling me excitedly towards the old guy. Then this other car pulls up and another woman comes out and rushes to his aid. I literally just stood there in the road, trying to calm the dog as these two other women actually help the guy up off the ground back into his wheelchair. It was excruciatingly awkward and deep down all I really wanted to do was run the fuck away, but I just stood there watching and trying to make the dog behave. For like, moral support or something I guess. I must have looked like the biggest idiot. Speaks loads to my personality right? No wonder people don’t like me. Finally he seemed all settled back into his wheelchair and he was murmuring sentences that didn’t really make a lot of sense, but he started wheeling away and the other woman began heading back to their cars both kind of shaking their heads at each other. I turned and just walked home as fast as I could so that I could get back into the safety and comfort of my dark, cool house where no one could see me and I could put this event behind me. Just thinking back on that occurrence now makes me feel uncomfortable. I have no idea why it is/was so distasteful to me or why I reacted the way I did. I wasn’t stoned or anything, I was just in utter shock and I really, truly didn’t want to be apart of the situation. I don’t really want to over analyze this, but it’s one of those moments in life when you are caught completely off guard by morality and abstractly, the story seems somewhat comical, but when you are actually confronted with the situation, its really not funny and deeply disturbing. All I could think about was myself being in some sort of old aged, pill-induced delirium and trying to navigate the sidewalk in my wheelchair and then suddenly blacking out and ending up in a gutter waiting for strangers to help me up. I really don’t want to get old. I also really miss seasons.


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Semi-Exciting Updates and A New Sale Item Announced

So for the past couple of weeks, I have been putting some of my pieces on sale for at least 50% off of their original prices. This week, I am announcing a new sale item from my Rock N Roll collection. This is one of my more popular collections because I have sold almost every single original piece from it, but before I announce the new sale piece, I want to talk about some of the other things going on in my oh so amazing life.

In art news, I have decided to do a new collection of dog mixed media paintings. I haven’t really had much time for painting lately, but I have been “promised” a “show” at a bakery in Serra Mesa if I complete these paintings by November. I had originally planned to show Shine Series and I drove to the bakery to show him my work. He said he loved the little paintings, but after I got home and contacted him to arrange a date to hang them, he said he would pass on displaying Shine Series and was more interested in a collection of dog paintings…?


I know. I have no doubt in my mind that by the time I finish all of these pieces, I will not be able to get a hold of the owner so this show is probably only an illusion, but I kinda feel whatever about that. Anything that gets me painting is a good opportunity to get my creative juices flowing instead of stagnantly poisoning me from the inside. So expect to see some new work from me before the end of this year (right in time for the holidays)!

Also, I have tentatively decided to attend community college this winter to get my AS in Culinary Arts. It will be much cheaper and hopefully just as useful as going to SDCI. I have also been studying on my own. Last year I purchased a copy of “Professional Cooking” which is college level cooking textbook and I have finally started spending my free time reading through it. If cooking is a passion of mine and I want to study it further, why get discouraged by the hefty price tag of a private school when I can get a decent education for less? More news on that to come.

As for my hostess job, we recently hired a bunch of new girls and it has been an interesting transition. I have finally made my managers see me as someone who is smart and knows what the hell they are doing so I have been given a small promotion that hasn’t gone into affect yet. I have a feeling it might never really go into affect, but it is nice to gain some recognition for being a hard worker and a committed individual. I am now a “certified trainer” which I think means that I am responsible for training all of the new hostesses when the new locations open up. My manager didn’t really give me a whole lot of details, but it sounds like when the Lake Forest and Pasadena locations open, I will be training girls up there and I will be making more than $8 an hour. BOOYAH right? Anyway, I’m secretly kinda hoping that I’m bomb at this position and maybe I can be the assistant/hostess manager at the San Fran location that is set to open a couple months after the other two So Cal locations (a salaried position). I know that not a lot of people really get to move up the ranks from hostess to manager in this business, but the fact that I have a degree and I’m almost 10 years older than a lot of the girls I work with gives me a bit of an edge. Hopefully. I would be totally down to move back to the bay if the right opportunity came up. Who knows.

In all exciting dog news, Dexter and I went on a “hike” the other day. In an attempt to duck the hot sun, we left at about 5:30pm.The view from Cowles Mt. We started our climb up Cowles Mountain, a busy and dusty trail in the eastern part of San Diego. After about 5 minutes of hiking, Dexter sits down and starts eating dirt. I can tell he is already tired, so I give him some water and wait for him to recover. After a couple more minutes and about 10 groups of people passing us by, I decide its time to keep going. In another couple of minutes, Dexter flops down in the dust and pants. Time for more water. The cycle goes on like this for about a mile until I realize that we are running out of water. I had to make the executive decision to turn around. I vowed to bring way more water next time and get us to the top. Of course, Dexter is relieved that this climbing nonsense is over and decides to pull me with all of his strength all the way back down the mountain, not stopping for rest or water once. Go figure.

Dexter on a hike

Anyway, the newest sale item from Artworks By Shana is going to be Abstract Infinity.

Abstract Infinity

Originally $200, now only $65

Originally priced at $200, this piece is an acrylic painting about the infinite possibilities of abstraction. At 16″x20″, this canvas can be yours for only $65 (not including shipping and tax). If you are interested in making this painting part of your personal lifestyle, please visit this piece’s page and order the painting online:

Or facebook message me for more details.

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SALE: Valentine’s Day original oil panting – $50

Looks like the Earth Series mini collection has found a new home with my friend Danielle! Fortunately, that means that I can now present you with a new sale item from my inventory! Next up on the specials list is my original piece called Valentine’s Day. This piece (originally $180) will be on special for $50 instead. This is one of my only oil paintings and has been drastically reduced in an attempt to make more room for newer pieces. The basic feeling behind this abstract painting is one of free flowing love. I made this piece while in college and I distinctly remember being very excited about going out to dinner with my then boyfriend, (now husband), for our first Valentine’s day together. This piece, although old, has sentimental value in the fact that it not only was created on a memorable day, but it was also one of the first abstract paintings I have ever created. This piece opened up the door for many of my following pieces because it was genuinely the first time I ever let my mind wander and let the brush do the talking.
SALE! Valentine's Day - $50 - College Collection
The piece will be sold as is for $50, which means that I will not go out and purchase a new frame as I had originally intended, but it does come with a white metal frame that can easily be replaced for cheap if you so desire. Here is the information about the piece taken directly from my website:

Year: 2006
Bio: It’s like falling in love all over again.
Size Unframed: 14″x11″
Size Framed: Contact artist for info.
Medium: Oil
Description: An abstract piece created on Valentine’s day.

To purchase this piece, purchase prints of this piece or to view the link to the the piece, go here:

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SALE – Earth Series! Three original pieces for the price of one.

SALE! I am putting my mini series called the “Earth Series” on special. It was originally $200 for all three acrylic paintings, but in an attempt to make room for newer artwork, I will be selling this group of pieces for only $60! The sale will not be established through the website, so if you are interested in purchasing this mini series, please contact me and we will work something out via paypal, cash, or check (if I know and trust you).

Nature, Fire and Smoke, Water = Earth Series

That’s only $20 per piece (which is a really good deal on an original piece of artwork if you didn’t know). Get at me and this collection could be yours for practically nothing! Here is the original website listing:

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I’m In La Mesa Bitch!

Wow. I can’t believe that it’s been over a month since I’ve had the energy to sit down and electronically reflect on my life. I guess a lot of things have happened in the past few weeks. I’ve been to two weddings and a funeral, moved to a new house in a different city (I’m in La Mesa bitch!) and decided to put culinary school on hold. I still have not had any time for art making and to be honest, I’m still so fed up with the whole situation, it might be a while before I get inspired enough to start pursuing my art career again. For the time being, I still have some work up at Rosie Lee’s in University Heights and I will still be showing my work at small scale events here and there, but probably no big productions until I figure out what the hell I am doing with my life. I’m still considering attending culinary school this winter, but the more I think about it and the longer I put it off, the more it seems like I won’t be going at all. It’s just so much money to put toward something that I might not actually pursue when it’s over. The pressure is just mounting and I’m starting to think that if I go, it will be later in life as originally planned, and just for fun, not as a career choice. Bummer, I know. I was really excited about it, but at this point, it might just have to wait while I further myself in my lucrative career as a hostess… It would also be somewhat ironic that I moved all the way to La Mesa in an attempt to be closer to culinary school and then not ever go there…but just be reminded of that sad fact every time I go to the tanning salon right across the street…

In other news, Derric has finally published his poker strategy book called “Quantum Poker” and so far it has actually been selling. I am super proud of him and all of his hard work. We are slowly working our way out of the financial hole that we created for ourselves and that, if nothing else, feels awesome. In the coming weeks, we are planning a house warming party and I think what I am going to do is have an art sale. I have so much work that is just collecting dust in my closet and I feel like it would be better collecting dust in someone else’s closet :) . I am probably going to drop the prices of some of my pieces by 50% or more, so if you are interested in any of my pieces, but feel that you can’t afford them, this might be a good time to purchase something from me. I’m not sure if I am going to go through the trouble of lowering the prices on the website, but I will be posting them on my facebook page and on this blog page. If you are at all interested in anything, just message me and we will work something out. That’s all for now.

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Lifetime of Mediocrity, Where Do I Sign Up?

As time goes by, we are looming closer and closer to our move date. Our landlords have decided that they no longer can stand each other so they are getting a divorce and apparently want their house back. Our lease technically isn’t up until September 1st, but we are starting our house hunting a little early, to ensure that we aren’t caught with our pants around our ankles when they finally kick us out. It has so far been slow and depressing looking for houses in our “new” price range…everything we have seen has been pretty crappy. I guess I wasn’t expecting to be downgrading so much so fast, but oh well, welcome to the mediocre lifestyle.

All complaints aside, I have been working a lot. And by working, I mean standing around at the front of a restaurant gossiping with teenagers about their oh so dramatic lives. We just added 6 new girls to our growing family of hostesses and its starting to get crowded at the hostess stand. I am still not sure how long I will be apart of this particular company so I’m kinda hesitant to really start getting attached to new people, but unfortunately when you spend so much of your time at work, its hard not to. I kinda don’t want to leave, but I know that there is absolutely no way I can keep the job while in school, and its almost certain that I will be starting this September. Of course its also weighing on my mind the fact that culinary school could just be a grand waste of money, especially since I could just keep my job and move up the ranks to food runner in a few months. I just don’t know what I want to do with myself.


On a separate tangent, I have some work up at little boutique called Rosie Lee’s British Goods in University Heights. It was a little nerve wracking these past couple of weeks because I gave them a bunch of pieces from Circles and Lines collection in May and then didn’t hear anything from the store for months. I emailed the girl I had been working with on 3 separate occasions and started getting nervous when I never got a response. I went into the store a few weeks ago and found that none of my pieces were installed and the person working there had no idea who I was or what I was talking about. I swear I almost had a heart attack. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but I once worked with a place called “The Loma Cafe” when I first started doing art shows a few years ago. I didn’t check on my work often enough and eventually they went under new ownership and basically stole my paintings. I never received payment for the pieces they sold. Ever since then, I am weary of stores that don’t communicate with me. That being said, last week I went in the store again about to throw a shit fit, but when I got there, all of my work was hung on the walls and my greeting cards were on display. It all looked really nice and it was a huge relief since I was basically preparing for battle. I have plans to possibly do a series of collage works based on the products they sell in the store, but I haven’t really had a lot of time to do art.

Greeting cards for sale at Rosie Lee’s British Foods

Hopefully in the future, I will be able to sit down and plan out this collection with help from the store owner. We’ll see if this idea ever goes anywhere.

Circles and Lines at Rosie Lee’s

In other art news, I have started working on the piece I previously titled “Blackxess DNied”. I always felt it was unfinished and I finally got some inspiration to continue working on it. I have added black-light and glow in the dark paint, as well as some clay pieces to make it really 3D. I think I am going to change the name of the piece to “Dubstep” and probably try to make a collection of abstract music based pieces that are black-light reflective. After doing shows with the Infusion Project and seeing how people respond to the black-light art, I am inspired to do a series of abstracts because everyone else is pretty much doing landscapes and stuff like that. My style would look sick in black-light form so that’s my plan for some upcoming pieces.

Overall, sometimes I just feel like I have too many ideas and not enough of everything else. I want to do so many things, but I can’t seem to stay focused on one thing for too long. I have creative ADD and It’s becoming frustrating because I want to go in so many different directions, but I’m a little indecisive of which is the right way to go. I just want everything to work out some how, but I don’t have enough money, time, and energy to pursue so many angles at once. One day at a time I guess, but a lifetime is only so long… why spend it in mediocrity?

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Art, Red Bull and New Clothes: *Insert Directly Into Veins*

So far this summer has been filled with a lot of hostessing and not a lot of anything else. I did manage to get a few days off for my friend Erin’s bachelorette party. I drove my ass to Vegas after work, partied for two nights and then drove my ass home, took a nap, and went back to work. People apparently make fun of me at work for drinking too much energy drink and having no idea what I’m doing. I think that’s a lie. I totally know what I’m doing sometimes.

Red Bull Gives You Wings?

I recently had a show at the Hard Rock Hotel downtown with the Infusion Project. I got there two hours early in an attempt to find a fabulous parking spot. The best I could find was a tight squeeze about 3 blocks away from the venue. Not the worst possible place, but definitely a trek in 5 inch platforms and 50 lbs of art crap. After the fourth trip to the car, my originally pristine hair was a mess, my arms were like jelly and all of the people trying to enjoy themselves at the surrounding restaurants were looking at me like I was that commercial they had seen on TV one too many times. Eventually I got all of my stuff up to the second story outdoor nightclub called “Float.”

Glitter and Graffiti Hair Clip set-up

I wish I would have known it were outdoors. I was wearing my signature art show outfit (a satin grey romper that I could never imagine wearing anywhere but to an art show) with only a teeny hot pink sweatshirt to cover up and as previously stated, 5 inch platform shoes.

Standard art show attire

I was basically forced to stand in the cold all night because I was given “an area” to set up my work, while most of the other artists had cozy cabanas with heat lamps and couches…any way, the show started off slow, but after it picked up, I managed to sell 3 of my hair clips, all of which I had made earlier that day. I never even had the chance to put them up on the site before they were gone. All in all, it was a successful albeit long, uncomfortable and cold evening.

Other than that event, I attended the closing reception at the Undiscovered Gallery last weekend. It was a pretty small turn out, but the gallery looked lovely. It was refreshing to drink wine on the patio overlooking the ocean and hear to some impressive live slam poetry. I will probably be showing my work there again, even though the commute to Coronado is a bit daunting. After the show, my friend Miero and I proceeded to have a ridiculous weekend of random people, places and things.

We saw Sharam at Voyeur and stayed up until 7am in our hotel room drinking $50 worth of over-priced hotel wine. Then we hung out at the hotel pool the next day and nursed our hangovers with more delectable booze. As I was tipsily (is that a word?) sunning myself, a pair of strange gothy looking people approached us. I was a little confused when the guy started talking. He said he was hosting an event or something at the House of Blues next door and they needed girls in bathing suits to walk around and take pictures with people for a few hours. They said they would pay us and give us free drinks. I looked at Miero and we were both like, “uh ok free drinks, boom!” Well maybe that’s what I was like, she wasn’t as enthused, but we ended up going anyway.

Ready, Set, SHOTS!

A couple of pictures and a bunch of shots later, I was ready to commence hardcore rage. Then the real 6ft models finally showed up in lingerie and I was all of a sudden really excited to get my short body back into some normal clothing so that I wouldn’t look ridiculously out of place standing next to these sexy but gargantuan women.

Bottles With Models All Day Long

As the evening unfolded, we decided we were hungry so we grabbed some unassuming men and made them buy us dinner.

Dinner’s on them lol

After dinner, things get hazy. We went back to the House of Blues to meet up with some friends we had made earlier.

New Friends :)

Let’s just say it was an interesting day that turned into an embarrassing night. At least I made $50 and didn’t throw up on my new dress…

New Dress!!!

I’m also questioning where all of those pictures of me in my bathing suit with random people ended up? Hopefully no one is creepily photoshopping me into porn or something worse. I always make the best decisions. It’s a fact.

As for the future, I have a lot of things tumbling around in my mind. The fall is approaching fast and it seems like things will be changing very rapidly in a few weeks. We are being forced to move out of our awesome house and I’m still not sure that I will be attending culinary school in September. A lot of stuff is still up in the air. I was planning on quitting my job at the end of July to give me ample moving time and school preparation, but if I don’t end up going to school, I guess I’m keeping the job? Or looking for a new one? Or something. I applied for a position as a karaoke hostess (totally up my alley right?), but I haven’t heard anything yet. I guess I’ll just sit tight and keep pounding that red bull.

The Infamous Duck Face, A Little Over Done…

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Dear Cat Cora, I Hate You. Memorial Day Weekend Part 2

So I left you guys with a little bit of a cliff hanger in my last post! (Please pretend like you are dying to hear about my flight home). I had originally meant to write this story while it was fresh in my mind, but unfortunately, due to my very important job as a hostess, I have not had time to do much of anything. I did, however, write the post on paper while I was on the airplane, so I guess I’ll just transfer what I wrote on 5/28/12. Just so you know, I was slightly intoxicated when I wrote this. Here goes:

I just read an interview in Sky magazine (shut up, I was bored and I already finished the Hunger Games on my kindle) with Cat Cora, sexy lesbian chef extraordinaire and host of Bravo’s new show, Around the World in 80 Plates (yes, of course I watch this garbage).

Dear Cat Cora, I Hate You

I’ve decided that she is a pretentious brat and pretty much sucks. It’s probably the way that the interview is written that makes her sound like such an obnoxious hoe-bag (sp? lol), but I’m so frustrated by it that I’m just going to pretend that she sucks. I was so disgusted by this interview that i was going to rip out the page and save it for later bashing, but I was so annoyed that I decided to write my comments directly into the magazine for someone else to find hilarious because I’m that awesome. That’s my new thing. Writing random comments into airline magazines. Any way, the interview is basically about how the prestigious Ms. Cora travels around the world for her new show. The first question tackles her luggage situation. The ever thrifty Ms. Cora elaborates that she “tries to carry on whenever possible, usually a black Louis Vuitton roller bag”. Oh really. Because when I’m desperately scraping by, I usually save that pesky $25.00 by stuffing everything I own into my LV bag. And then I tell people about it. The next question outlines Ms. Cora’s favorite method of airline entertainment that she can just whip out of her LV bag when she’s feeling bored. She goes on to say that she will either watch a movie, listen to music on her “Diddybeats” headphones or read something like “To Kill a Mockingbird” on her kindle. I’m not sure why this aggravates me so much, but I’m pretty sure its because I want to know what real person in their right mind is reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” on an airplane. This shit pisses me off. The third question inquires about what Cat likes to wear while she’s travelling. She answers that her favorite travelling outfit is of course, her black Ralph Lauren pants (of course!), Gap T-shirt, Pashmina scarf and black Chanel Sunglasses. There this bitch goes again with the name dropping! Holy crap, maybe if I had traveled with a Pashmina scarf, I wouldn’t have froze my ass off in the alpine conditions of my last flight (Delta, I still hate you). In the next question about travel essentials, Cat says that she “can’t live without her chapstick and cinnamon altoids”. I was unaware of these item’s importance. I figured that these ridiculously forgettable excuses for necessity were just amenities for people with halitosis and scaly lips, but no! These things are ESSENTIAL for travel. Clearly.

Cat Cora at the Airport

Glad I got this off my chest. That’s all for now folks.

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Dear Delta, I Hate You. Memorial Day Weekend Part 1

On this lovely Memorial day weekend, I was introduced to the many wonders of Minnesota. Three family reunions (my husband’s family…), the mall of America (for 30 seconds), and a few very interesting meals at semi interesting restaurants. Although it wasn’t my idea of a perfect family vacation, it was definitely fun and an overall good learning experience. Wish we had had more time at the mall though, that place was truly holy.

Family vacations, gotta love em :)

I’m going to start out my tale with a brief recount of the hours leading up to our departure. Our flight was inconveniently at 6:30am, so we had to be at the airport by 5:30am, meaning we had to wake our asses up at 4:45am. I, like an imbecile, thought that I would just sleep on the plane, so I stayed up until around 1:00am watching TV with my husband until I drifted off… EH EH EH goes the alarm just a few short hours later. I’m up, leggings on, bags packed, in the cab. We arrive at the airport and I’m thoroughly exhausted. When we finally board the plane I grab a paper thin blanket and attempt to snuggle up against the cozy window. All of a sudden, I shit you not, 45 degree air begins to blow on me. I swear to god, my feet had toesicles and my hair began to freeze to my head. We eventually take off, but the air conditioning was unrelenting. There is no hope for sleep and I shiver up against Derric for warmth. Finally, the air lets up and I begin to doze off into a dreamless slumber…I awake covered in sweat and dying to get this damn blanket off of me. Our plane has all of a sudden turned into the Sahara desert or hell, I’m not sure which. The woman comes by and asks if we want something to drink. Derric orders a coffee and I just look at her with the pained eyes of a sleep deprived, delusional medical patient.

Delta Airlines, making your flight as unbearable as humanly possible.

I tell Derric that I’m hungry and we split a $15 airline cheese and cracker plate. And then comes the blizzard. My sweat freezes to my forehead and I bury my body underneath the hospital grade tissue blanket. This ominous charade continues for the full 3 hours of flight time and I get not one real wink of sleep. We finally land, meet up with the rest of his family, rent a car and begin our 2 hour drive to the wonderfully boring city of Annandale, MN. I think to myself, oh well, at least I can sleep in the car. WRONG. The second we get going, it starts to rain and hail. “We” decide to go have some lunch. I order a beer and some shrimp thing and assume that after the beer, I will for sure fall asleep in the car. We start driving again and the lull of the road eventually rocks my agonizingly tired mind into another dreamless sleep…and of course after about 5 minutes of drifting in limbo, someone decides its time for the radio. The radio comes blasting on and of course, I am startled awake. The speakers are placed on both sides of the back seat and it is disgustingly loud. I ask if they can turn it down, but no one can really tell how loud it is in the back because clearly, its not loud enough in the front, so I think everyone just thinks I’m a needy complainer in a bad mood…which is not untrue.

We arrive at the “hotel” (which is comically located in a shopping center with a grocery store and an auto parts shop) and I think to myself that at last, I will be able to close my eyes and get some rest. Nope. We are hustled into the hotel and I am informed that we will be getting ready to go see Grandma ASAP. I have not showered or slept and about to have a panic attack, but I try my best to suck it up and say that I need to get ready so we should meet back up in an hour. Everyone seems ok with this decision. We get to our room and my sister-in-law instantly passes out and I am a jealous wreck. I take my tired ass into the shower and do my best to get ready in a timely manner. I ask my dear husband to grab some coffee from the front so that we can make it in our room when I’m done showering. Of course, this doesn’t happen and he has the front desk make the coffee. Worst fucking coffee I have ever tasted. We arrive at Grandma’s, I sit down in a very hard chair, it is hot as balls in her “house” and I think I am about to die. Grandma was a very interesting woman and I really wish I had been in a better condition. Once I had some more coffee, I felt a little better and was able to start keeping my bloodshot and stinging eyes open. Then we switched to margaritas and everything was right with the world. Grandma was a bit upset that we were all drinking because she is on some sort of old people medicine that makes it so she cannot partake in the shenanigans associated with alcoholism, but we kinda didn’t really care. After some lovely MN Chinese food (bleh), we played some cards and at 10pm we went back to our “hotel”. I climbed into the firmest bed I have ever felt (actually that’s not true, my Korean friend Miero grew up with a bed that was literally made of of granite…not good for jumping…or sleeping…weirdos)

Seriously, my best friend has a bed made out of rock.

and assumed that I would sleep like a log….but unfortunately, I did not sleep well as I was hot throughout the night and I awoke almost every hour because our “hotel” was located right next to the train tracks. And so concludes day one of Minnesota family fun.

The next few days were certainly not as bad because I was able to get some sleep. We did the shortest tour of a downtown ever (we went into one antique store and then said screw it and went to a bar) and we had dinner with Grandma (at 5:30pm) on a lake. Once again, Grandma was peeved at our open enjoyment of alcohol, but apparently one time a few years ago, she had said “drink while you can” and her daughter never let her forget her words. The next day we traveled another couple of hours to a place called Lindstrom, MN to meet Grandpa and his wife (who turned out to be younger than my mother-in-law, which I was not expecting since grandpa is in his 90′s). Grandma and Grandpa are divorced so we had to meet each grandparent separately. We met up at this beautiful lake house and my wonderful, amazing, thoughtful mother-in-law gave me and Derric the master suite. We went out to lunch at a surprisingly awesome little place with good beer, cheese and buffalo burgers and then we drove to a sculpture park, which was also surprisingly cool.

Sculpture Park!

That night, we played Balderdash and had a good laugh before turning in. I woke up with a splitting headache and realized that I may have had a little too much wine the night before, but I took some advil and powered through like a champ while I made potato salad for the reunion later that day. I got to meet all of Derric’s family on his Grandpa’s side and that was pretty cool. We played more cards and snacked all day. The next day was our last and we packed up from the house and began our drive back to Minneapolis to go to one final reunion with his Grandma’s side of the family. We left later than expected because we had to pack up every piece of lettuce or shredded cheese left in the fridge (no food could possibly go to waste), so we only had a few minutes to hang out at the mall of America (which was decidedly the coolest part of MN)

The coolest part of MN.

. We got there and were told we had exactly 1 hour to see all that we could see. I knew that I wanted to ride on the roller coasters so we ran, got our tickets and got in line. We were able to do exactly 2 rides in an hour and then were hustled out of the mall before I could set foot into any stores. I was bummed because there is no sales tax on clothes in MN and I have been deprived of shopping since black Friday (that’s 6 months!!!!!), but thank god, we made it to our last reunion on time. This was probably the most fun reunion because there were a lot of younger people to talk to, but I was definitely getting extremely tired of hearing about and talking about the same things over and over and over. Derric is writing a book and yes he still doing the poker thing and we lost our dogs last summer and Derric hurt his back a while ago…yes I am an artist and I have a website and I make abstract art and I’m going to culinary school and blah blah blah no one really cares what I do because I’m just Derric’s new wife but they have to ask as a formality. That’s a lie, everyone I met seemed genuinely interested in what I do, and they were all wonderful people with interesting personalities and great senses of humor, I just think it’s funny because that’s how I imagine people feel at family reunions… By the time this reunion was dying down, I was ready to go home. We got to the airport a couple hours early because Derric decided to fly to Chicago directly after this trip instead of coming home with me and his flight was earlier than the rest of ours. We had some dinner at a place in the airport, had some drinks and played some cards until it was time to go. I said bye to Derric knowing that I wouldn’t see him for a week (bummer) and said bye to his family before heading in the opposite direction to Gate C.

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Would you like fries with that?

The last few days have been a whirlwind of sticky condiments, dirty menus and fried pickle chips. As you may remember, I recently got a part-time job at a glorified burger joint whose clientele are all on their way to the Biggest Loser ranch. No offense little pork chops, but sometimes, there is a such thing as too much bacon. Ironically enough, we had a few real piggy visitors (the living and breathing kind with actual pig snouts and curly tails). Who in their right mind brings a pig to a restaurant?

Pig Jesus

Let alone a restaurant that is known for their bacon patties? Blasphemy! The best part of this story is that it wasn’t just one pig with one person. There were three separate parties with three different pigs on our patio all at the same time. What is this world coming to? Yesterday, a man asked me if he could take his 200 lb German Shepard into the restaurant’s bathroom with him. ARE YOU EFFING SERIOUS? Weirdos man, weirdos everywhere. I have been working at this place so often that it’s beginning to take over my life. They have scheduled me for over 30 hours this week. So much for having a part-time job. I pretty much live there.

As for my actual position as a hostess, I think I still suck at it, but at least I’m getting better. I never would have imagined all of the responsibilities that comes along with being the hostess of a restaurant. I was pretty damn sure that a hostess just stood at the front of the restaurant, smiled at people and lead them to a seat. Unfortunately, I was mistaken. The hostess is extremely important in making sure that the dinner or lunch service runs smoothly. We get yelled at by the kitchen for seating too many tables, we get yelled at by the managers for not seating enough tables, we get yelled at by the servers for not seating the right tables and we get yelled at by the customer for everything else. Totally worth $8.00 an hour. No, it’s really not that bad, but it is kind of funny that the restaurant business needs people who are capable of doing a good job at the front of the house, and yet they hire girls who are just out of high school and have no real life experience just because they have nice smiles and nice racks. Not that the girls I work with are all like that, but it is a common occurrence in the restaurant business. At the golden age of 25, I happen to be the grandma of the hostess brigade, although no one can tell that I’m older because I act like I have no idea what I’m doing, because I don’t. It’s awesome. Being a hostess is like being the master of the restaurant game. I have a seating chart that to anyone unfamiliar with the industry, looks like a map of middle earth. We have all of the power when dictating a customer’s experience because we know which servers are in which section and which tables are better than others.

Hostess From Hell

Next time you are at a restaurant, don’t piss off the hostess by being an ass. If there are open tables and you still have to wait, suck it jerk off, because I promise we are in the process of getting those tables seated. They are probably reserved for a reservation and your sorry ass didn’t bother to class it up and make one so your just gunna have to wait for your 3000 calorie burger and bacon milkshake.

In art related news, I had a show at Stingaree a few Fridays ago with a group called “The Infusion Project”. It was the standard kind of show where you break your back to get everything set up and looking awesome and then 10 people come and admire your work. I’m exaggerating a little, but you know what I mean. It was fun to be in a club environment, drinking and chatting with a few friends who came out to support me, but overall, nothing super exciting. Most of the club goers avoided the mezzanine level “artist event” like the plague. Either it was too overwhelming for them to look at art while trying to stand up straight, or they were afraid that their drunken antics would land them head first through an extremely expensive canvas. In the end, I did sell a piece from my Circle Jerk collection to my friend Tom. He bought it for his mom. Seeing as how the collection is about sex and reproduction, I decided not to go into detail about the conceptual meaning of the piece. It will be our little secret that Tom bought his super Catholic mom a slutty piece of art for mother’s day haha.

Mother's Day Present

Anyway, my Drama collection is still hanging in the Undiscovered Gallery (super fail name guys) in Coronado and will be installed there until July. I’m gunna have to find some time to drive over there so I can see it myself! lol oops. Whenever I do make it there, I’ll be sure to take some pictures :)

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Good Exposure v.s. Bad Exposure

The last few days have been crazy. One moment I was celebrating my anniversary with my husband having the time of my life,

Happy Anniversary

and the next I am rushing to and from the vet with a dog who appears to be possibly dying.


$2000 later, the dog seems to be fine, but I have unfortunately missed two of my art events and a concert that I had previously paid for.

Unfortunate Vet Visit

While in the midst of this ridiculous crisis I got hired at a restaurant and had to start training for my new job as a hostess! Life is apparently hilarious sometimes.

Anyway, before all of this nonsense, I had a show at Graffiti Beach in South Park. I showcased the newest members of the Circle Jerk collection to about 5 people who accidently walked into the store.


Needless to say, the event was under publicized and totally short notice so I’m not surprised that the turn out was less than stellar. I guess the 2500 people that the coordinator was supposed to inform about the show decided that they would rather be hung over and in bed all day on a Sunday morning rather than come to an art show. I don’t blame them.

Sunday Morning Art Show

As for my recent Warehouse Cafe shows with Revolver, I was unable to attend my final showcase and had to end on an underwhelming note. I had planned to show my Circles and Lines collection last to wow all of the attendees, but unfortunately, I was unable to go due to the situation I mentioned before. The last show that I ended up doing I displayed Creatures Collection, but pretty much everyone just hung out in the coffee shop instead of coming into the gallery to appreciate my pastels. I don’t know, maybe I am just being cynical, but it seemed to me that every week the show had less and less people interested in art. I have never had so many back-to-back shows without having a sale. These people didn’t even bother to take business cards after the first week. I think that if Revolver wants to have this event every week, they need to do a better job promoting their event to a wider range of people and they need to do a better job promoting the artists who are showing. I know that I was there for four weeks and not one time did they mention my name over the loud speaker. Any way, I’m bummed out that I didn’t get to have the big finale I had planned on, but it’s not like they were really going to buy anything any way. That’s the problem with events who have the same people show up week after week. Even though my work was new and exciting every week, they were the same group of kids who didn’t buy anything last week so why would they all of a sudden change their minds? I don’t think I will be going through all of the trouble to do events like this anymore. Exposure is great until you keep exposing yourself to the same unappreciative people…then it just becomes extremely inappropriate.


In other news, I think I will be doing an event this Friday night at Stingaree nightclub in the Gaslamp from 9pm-2am. I am not positive about this yet, but I will update the events calendar as soon as I have confirmation. I think I’m going to showcase the new Circle Jerk collection again because it’s newness makes me feel rejuvenated….And another thing! Even though I missed the Undiscovered Gallery opening reception, I was able to create and debut a new piece from the Drama Collection called “Drama Queen”.

Drama Queen

It is now currently for sale through the gallery and on my website. Please be sure to check it out! The gallery is located in Coronado on Orange Avenue and is open from 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. Feel free to drop by if you are in the area.

Circle Jerk Collection

Undiscovered Gallery Flyer

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New Additions and Excitations!

Soooo, a lot has happened since my last post! In the past two or so weeks, I have managed to really make some headway with my art. I have joined up with and currently have a few pieces for sale through their website. You can check out my page here:

This partnership is really great for me because my work will be available for viewing on their iPhone/Android application and my name will be advertised to a massive amount of buyers, designers, hotels and more! I’m really excited to be a part of their team.

Also, I have booked a show with the Undiscovered Gallery in Coronado. I will be at the opening on April 27th displaying works from my Drama collection.

Tribal Desert - SOLD

In fact, I recently sold Tribal Desert so I have to make a new painting to fill it’s spot for the show :) Super awesome. The best part about this development is that my collection will actually be on display for three months! You can visit their facebook page to learn more about the gallery or go to my Upcoming Events page to hear more info about the opening event:

Let’s see, what else…

The Revolver shows that the Warehouse Cafe have been going well.

Revolver Show Week 2

I feel like my work looks great in the space so even if I haven’t sold a whole lot at their events, at least I am getting some really good pictures of the collections I have shown so far. Last week, I created two new pieces for the Circle Jerk collection and I brought them to the event. I received great reviews and I am really excited to be working with this collection again. I plan to keep going with it for a few more pieces.

Revolver Art Show Week 3

I’m having a lot of fun with not only the color palette, but the concept behind the series as well. The paintings in the Circle Jerk collection are so sexual to me, but when you look at the finished product, they don’t read like sex at all. I find it interesting that when I am so consumed with drawing and painting these differently sized circles, all i can think about is reproductive cells and organs. The whole idea sprang out of an explosion of circles that weren’t weighted in the least bit until I started to see the pattern. Any way, I really hope to be adding to and showing that collection more often.

Me and Derric at the Revolver Show


I’ve reached over 300 likes on my Facebook page thanks to all of my supportive friends, all of my constant craigslist spamming and finally, I created a facebook ad! The number of likes has been steadily rising for every “click” I have on my page. I’m really hoping to start getting a core base of people to my site and with all of this craziness happening all of a sudden, I’m feeling empowered to build up my portfolio and grab the art world by the balls by really looking for some real life gallery representation. I know my art is good enough and I know that I can show perseverance, so look out! I’m coming to a gallery near you.

Anyway, really a lot of crazy things coming up in the future. Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Here’s some pictures of my three newest pieces:

Gamete from the Circle Jerk Collection:



Zygocyte from the Circle Jerk Collection:



The Actor from the Drama Collection:

The Actor


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News, Events and Art-Related Projects

Hey everyone, I haven’t updated in a while so I figured I would let you know what’s been going on.

Revolver Show at Warehouse Cafe week 1

Last night I had an entertaining evening hanging out with the crew from Revolver at the Warehouse Cafe downtown. I was invited to showcase my work there every Thursday night for the next four weeks. The space is amazing and the people are great so I am looking forward to showing some more of my work in the weeks to come. I remember when I was just starting out as an artist in San Diego, I applied to show with Revolver at their old location at the Java Jones on 9th avenue. It was cool to see some faces I recognized from way back when. Last night, I showed Shine Series 2.0 and hair accessories. Next week, I will probably display what is left of the drama collection. For more info on these shows, please check out the Upcoming Events section on this website.

In other news, I have finally reached 300 likes on my facebook fanpage! If you haven’t already, please go to and “like” me! The more people who support me, the better I feel about myself :) Also, I sold my first commissioned piece of art this week!

Navy Crest Custom Design

My Navy Crest abstract painting was a big hit! I plan to sell prints of this work in the Misc. section of this site until I have enough custom orders to create a collection called “Custom Artwork”.

My last important piece of news is that I am designing a book cover for my husband Derric’s poker book. He has been working diligently to write his poker strategy book and I’m extremely proud to be a part of the process. I have come up with a few designs, but there is a clear front-runner at this point.

Possible cover for Derric's book

He estimates that the book will be complete in a few weeks so soon, he will be a published author and I will have another design project under my belt. Very exciting!

As for my personal life, I have been going through a few ups and downs lately.

Me and Derric on St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick’s day a few weeks ago was a blast besides the fact that I lost my engagement ring. We went to the ShamRock event downtown (and I still have the bruises to show it). It was raining and cold, but we were drunk so it was awesome, until I realized my ring was gone later that night.

St. Patrick's Day shenanigans with Nick and Dexter

Miraculously, it was returned to me by some very nice people through the use of craigslist (thank you thank you thank you! God I love craigslist) and I am now a lot more careful when I go out.

Me and Jackie playing some Die before ShamRock!

I even bought a fake ring to wear for the many occasions that I am doing trust falls onto strangers and moshing in the pit. Also, I have been trying to find a part-time job that will help support my art, shopping and tanning habits. The search has been somewhat unsuccessful as I have only booked 1 interview for a hostess position and then even though I feel like I nailed it, I didn’t get the job due to lack of experience. Now, I’m no restaurant business connoisseur, but I’m pretty sure that hostessing is not rocket science and anyone with a college (high school) degree can probably handle it. Looking for jobs is just as frustrating as I remember it being and I am aware now of why I stopped looking in the first place. It’s just unfortunate that everything that I’ve worked so hard to achieve for myself doesn’t amount to “real” experience, but hey, that’s life, and who cares anyway. I’m going to win the mega millions to night so whateeeevvverr. I am still planning on going to culinary school, but I have become more in tune with the possible jobs that I will be looking at getting afterward and even job openings for dishwashers are requiring that the person have at least 2 years experience. Ha. That sucks. I guess we’ll see. I plan on doing extremely well in school and hopefully that will make it so that I don’t have to wash dishes.

Anyway, that’s all for right now. New art soon. Trust. Fall.

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Art Mart and More

My table at Art Mart

So I literally just got back from the Art Mart event thrown by Bighearted Productions at the Art Institute at San Diego. Although the event was long and slow, it was a nice day. I managed to make a profit and I’m very excited! I sold 3 of my hair accessories to 3

Bubble Gum Clip sold at Art Mart

very different people.

Blue and Green Clip Sold at Art Mart

I hope they love them! Any way, the event was cool because it was throw by a group of AI students and they were all very nice to work with. I donated a pack of 5 greeting cards to the charity raffle and I really hope the woman who received them is able to put them to good use.

Pink and Red Blossom Clip sold at Art Mart

On another note, I have been commissioned to do an abstract acrylic painting using the Navy Officer Crest and I’m stoked about this as well. I came up with a few different ideas and I’m excited to start work on my first real commission ever. This is the image I think I am going to work with:

Navy Crest Image

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Lower Prices, Upcoming Events and Future Plans

"Creatures" from the Creatures collection

First of all, here is some great news for all of you art lovers! I wanted to let you all know that I have lowered the prices of the pieces in the Creatures collection. Most of the pieces in this colorful collection have been reduced by $50-$100! This collection is great because all of these pastel drawings have real Swarovski crystals and are matted and displayed in beautiful teal metal frames. Visit the Creatures collection page in the gallery section to take advantage of these new lower prices!

The Creatures collection in full on my wall

Another huge change to the site has taken place within the We Are Made of Circles and Lines collection. When i initially envisioned this group of works, I saw it as one large artwork that had been dissected and split into many smaller pieces. I wanted to sell the whole collection for one large price, but it has been a few years now and I have decided that the works are great enough to stand on their own.

Circles and Lines 2

I have gone through the collection and priced each piece for individual sale. I was originally asking a total price of $4000 for all 22 drawings, but after pricing them individually, the works have been reduced by a considerable amount. These have never been for sale individually before so you should definitely take a look!

San Diego Map drawing

Most of the pieces in this collection are black and white aside from the pieces depicting city maps and all of these pieces are framed and ready to hang in your home! To view this collection, please go to the We are Made of Circles and Lines collection in the gallery section of this website!

Secondly, I just wanted to remind everyone that I’m doing an event this Thursday called “Art Mart”. It is a charity event that will be held at the Art Institute of San Diego and will run from 12pm-6pm. For more information on this event, please visit the “upcoming events” page. Also, At the end of this month I will be doing a weekly show on Thursday nights from 7pm-10pm called “Revolver”. It will be downtown at the Warehouse Cafe. I will be showcasing different work each week, so please come and say hi if you are in the area!

Lastly, as I mentioned in my last post, I will be attending culinary school this September. Basically, from this point forward I will be working on new paintings and drawings to add to my collections until the start of school. Then, I will be taking a break from art-making probably until next year. I will not be starting any new collections because I currently do not have any large-scale shows booked. I might look into doing another RAW show in another city (since I have the privilege of doing one for free), but I am not sure yet. I figure, in the next few months I will work within my current styles and keep showing the collections that I already have until I start running out of pieces.

Right now (like literally, right this second), I am working on a new painting for the Circle Jerk collection and will probably create a couple of different works in that style to expand the collection. I’m also planning on expanding the Drama collection since I have sold most of the originals. I’m thinking of grabbing inspiration from either the zodiac signs or the Greek gods…or both. I’m really interested in those two categories and since the Drama collection is based on people’s personality traits, I think it will work out pretty well.

I guess that’s all for now. Please comment on my blog if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. I would love to hear them :)

Just something silly I made :)

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The Wheels Have Been Turning

Feeling miserable today. I’m not really quite sure where my art is heading at this point. I haven’t been extremely inspired lately, especially after my last few disappointing attempts at selling my artwork. I’m truly getting tired of spending all of this money on materials and entrance fees just to have my time wasted and my feelings crushed.

My table at the LA Artwalk

About two weeks ago, my friend Kaitlin and I drove up to LA for the LA artwalk event. It’s probably pretty obvious that this event did not go well for me. I feel like I keep getting my hopes up about these “events” that I’m constantly being invited to. I should probably take the hint that if they were willing to give me a $50 discount on the entrance fee that they were desperate for vendors and that the event space was going to be crappy. After sitting in assloads of traffic, Kaitlin and I arrived at the venue, or so we thought. After paying for parking in a sketchy garage, we find out that we are still blocks away from the space. When finally finding the damn place, there was absolutely nobody helpful there to direct us. Every person “working” the event was incompetent. I told Kaitlin to wait with our table while I went back to the car to unload. Four trips and one heart-wrenching casualty later (I lost one of my high heels en route…go figure), we had all of my stuff and were ready to start setting up in the dismal location that was allotted to me. There was no lighting or outlets (as had been promised), there was not enough room for all of the vendors (we were all supposed to get 10 feet), they didn’t have any food options other than shaved ice and cookies (there was supposed to be “many” food carts and blah blah blah with discounts for vendors) and there was no effing bathroom (i had to leave Kaitlin with my stuff for over 40 minutes while I waited for the “bathroom” and ended up going to a hotel down the street). At this point I’m already anticipating a frustrating and long evening, and literally after handing out over 50 business cards and smiling for almost 5 hours straight, not one person even came close to buying anything from me. In fact, the only people making money were the people selling shaved ice and cookies. Of course, the exposure is great for the site and blah blah blah insert optimistic affirmations here, but after several stressful attempts like this, all of the compliments about my work in the world aren’t able to save me from feeling like a failure.

Kaitlin at the LA Artwalk table

It just baffles me that people will pay 6 dollars for a cup of frozen sugar water, but they aren’t interested in ponying up 8 bucks for a piece of art that could potentially last them a lifetime. It’s disgusting really and it makes me very angry. Art used to be an extremely important feature in everyday culture, but it seems that in this day and age, artists are looked at like useless burdens on our society and only a very small percentage ever even graduate to making money doing their craft. I’m sure it is not like that in other countries, but here in our failing American economy, there really is no place for the luxury of beauty and contemplation. I knew this would be the case when I started this journey, but the lack of affirmed success and the knowledge of how hard I work for so little acknowledgement is beginning to really wear on me. I guess not everybody has to like art, but it should still be appreciated for its benefits instead of being cut from children’s school programs and ignored as a legitimate vehicle for achievement. Just because I can’t do math, I apparently cannot be successful, even though I have a way with colors, textures and ideas that visually materialize when I put my brush to the canvas. Guess what? Not everyone can do that, so why is it viewed as so unimportant? It will be a sad, sad day when all of the artists become accountants and no one can remember how to invoke feelings with nothing other than a line on a paper. Pathetic.

Anyway, it feels good to have a place to bitch about all this stuff that’s been slowly building on my mind. Sometimes I forget how much I really care about what I do and I just wish that more people would care about it too. All of this depressing thought and seemingly constant rejection has lead me to start seriously considering going in a different direction with my life. Originally, I thought that maybe I would take some time and try to get my Master’s degree in something, but after careful research, I think I have decided to go to culinary school instead. It’s something creative that I enjoy doing and has better job opportunities than other creative paths. It seems to fit in with what I want for myself at this point in my life. I will still be able to keep making art and running this website in my spare time and hopefully I will be able to make enough money actually having a job to support my career as an artist. I believe that cooking is an art form in itself and I think getting my mind focused on something different for a little while will greatly inspire new ideas for my future art. I am and will always be an artist because there seems to be no limit in the amount of creative force that keeps bubbling up out of me. I know it probably sounds manic, but I really want to be well-rounded as an artist and as a person. I want to become a master of creativity by pursuing music as a singer, art as a visual artist and food as a culinary expert. If I can master all of these things then there is no way I could possibly feel like a failure…right? (sarcasm. in case you didn’t know).

Obviously I am not giving up on my art and if I do end up enrolling in culinary school, it won’t be until September. I still have plenty of other shows coming up in the next few months to make up for this slump. I am participating in a charity event at The San Diego Art Institute in March called “Art Mart” and I have also signed up to do 5 consecutive weekly shows with The Rock Church’s “Revolver” program. I have worked with them in the past and found the experience to be interesting albeit not very lucrative. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what they have come up with in the past few years. It is at a new venue for them in downtown San Diego and I am expected to be there from 7pm-9pm on Thursday nights starting on March 29th. More information about this series of events to come.

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British Columbia was AWESOME. Now back to work…

Snowy playground fun

In front of the Olympic Rings!

The past couple of days were fabulous; cavorting around in the snow, eating fancy meals and apres-ing the day away, but now I’m back and I’ve got lots of things on my mind.

Me and Derric's winter wonderland

The first thing I did upon arrival in San Diego was take my butt down to the Tap Room and grab all of my work (the projection screen was still covering all of my efforts…arg). Luckily, nothing was missing. While I was away, I managed to get a couple of minutes of work done. I booked myself to be a vendor at the LA Artwalk on February 9th. I will have a 5′x10′ space to show some of my hair clips, greeting cards and other goodies. I managed to talk them into giving me a $50 discount on the price of renting a booth so hopefully people like what I have so I can make some money! Also, I am participating in a charity event called “Art Mart” in March. I will be donating a packet of greeting cards for a raffle and all proceeds will go to a non-profit organization for helping sick children. Just check out my upcoming events calender for more information on these 2 great events.

As for new art, I have been working on a new painting titled “Blaxess D-nied”. I was thinking of creating a new series of work based on certain songs that make me see shapes and colors, so i started with a dubstep song called “Black” by Access Denied. So far it is coming along nicely, but I don’t think it is finished yet. It looks really cool, but deep down I still feel like it’s missing something. Maybe you can be the judge of that :) Depending on how this piece ends up looking, I may or may not continue with the collection. With so many things going on in my life right now, I’m not quite sure which artistic direction I’m going to take. We shall see I suppose.

"Blackxess Denied", work in progress

The main thing that has been on my mind for the past day or so is the idea that I might want to go back to school to get my Masters. The idea seems to keep popping up every so often, but then gets dismissed for some reason or another, but this time I’m seriously considering what to do with my life. I’m getting older everyday and it seems that if I don’t start planning for it now, I may run out of time (settling down and having children and blah blah blah, why get another degree if I’m just going to sit at home and watch babies all day?). It has become obvious to me that this website is not going anywhere just yet and I feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled with all of my hard work and effort. Part of me thinks that if I go back to school and study business or something a little more practical than fine art, I may have a better chance for success in a field that combines the two. The knowledge may help increase my sales or at least give some other options for career fulfillment. Although after looking at some of the job options for someone with a degree focused on marketing (which is what I want to pursue), I’m not really all that impressed. I can qualify right now without that degree for a shitty sales job, so I don’t know if getting my Masters in marketing is worth the time or money. It’s just confusing for me right now because I would love to keep studying something in a creative field (and get a job that involves being creative), but I would end up in debt with another pretty piece of paper that means jack balls…and I’m not even sure that if I get my Masters in something else, the situation would be any different. I don’t plan on stopping my art business, but it is definitely frustrating working so hard and not seeing a return on investment. “Practice makes perfect” and “patience is a virtue” I guess. Maybe one day people will actually read this blog and this website will actually work and I can start really promoting my business in an effort to obtain some sort of self-actualizing success. One can dream right?

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Framed Print Collections – A Few Quick Pics

Bridesmaid Collection - Framed Prints

Circle Jerk Framed Prints

At my husband’s parent’s house this Christmas, I decided to take pictures of my mother-in-law’s large collection of my work. She has done an amazing job of framing and organizing the art and has also been my most dedicated customer. I am so lucky to have someone like her as a personal cheerleader. It makes all of my hard work seem worthwhile! Any way, here are a few pictures. Maybe this will inspire some ideas for your home :)

Bridesmaid Collection Framed Prints

Drama Collection Framed Prints

Framed Prints

Rock N Roll Original and Prints

Rock N Roll Collection Prints

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